The Gaslamp Quarterly
The Gaslamp Quarterly is a newspaper published four times a year designed to appeal to tourists and locals alike while entertaining readers and supporting tourism & culture within the vibrant Gaslamp Quarter, San Diego’s most eclectic and historic neighborhood.

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The Gaslamp Quarterly is a hyper-local newspaper with its pulse on the Gaslamp Quarter.
Business and Art

Every issue of the Gaslamp Quarterly comes in a branded bag that allows for commerce and local art to combine. Each and every issue is essentially a vehicle for local artists and creatives to connect with visitors and workers/residents of the Quarter by inserting something (sticker, postcard, event flyer, etc.) into that issue’s bag that introduces them to a new potential audience, completely  free of charge.

A Philanthropist’s Dream

The Gaslamp Quarterly is a philanthropic dream come true. Just as artists now have a new way to connect to readers of the Quarterly, non-profits serving San Diego's Gaslamp population can appeal to potential new donors as well as new champions for their causes, completely free of charge.

A New Advertising Avenue

This entertaining and eclectic newspaper is meant to complement other publications in the area, versus rival them, as well as provide a new advertising avenue for those interested in targeting the people of San Diego’s tourist-heavy Gaslamp Quarter. For example? The San Diego Reader has a handle on everything that is new and happening in greater San Diego. The Gaslamp Quarterly serves to focus on the hyper-local. The Gaslamp Quarter. This allows for a more focused effort and collaborative publication for those looking to Target this specific area and promote art, culture and creativity.

The crew

The Gaslamp Quarterly is put together four times a year by some of the most talented writers, artists and creatives this side of the Mississippi. 


Lauren is a creative force to be reckoned with. A publishing  extraordinaire this seasoned writer and coordinator has been collaborating with artists and creating publications coast to coast for over a decade. She is the founder and owner of Paradisiac Publishing, the author of twelve published books and a regular essayist whose work can be found on Gawker, Points in Case, Public House Magazine, among others.


A first-time writer and new to the San Diego area William relocated to the Gaslamp Quarter from small town Pennsylvania. A carpenter by trade, William has been amazed by San Diego’s culinary choices. You’ll read his adventures (and misadventure) as he develops a new palate in his new home.


San Diego native and paranormal author-extraordinaire, Joseph will bring a Quarterly paranormal fiction piece directly from the Quarter to readers each and every issue. 


Social. Media. Strategy. Ken knows comedy and Ken knows the web. He helps keep the pulse of this paper in-touch, online.


Adam’s theme song for his life is “The Never Ending Story”, because he’s been happily aging backwards for years. Wearing many hats, Adam loves to perform as a “triple threat” (singing + acting + dancing). teach classes about metaphysical divination, and get lost in the stars + planets of Astrology. If you’d like an #AdamAstroHack, he loves to share! You can also find him on YouTube.


Matty is a Comedy Veteran and having him on board is a dream come true.


Ryan will be hand-crafting original Gaslamp Quarter-inspired poetry each and every issue. This rock & roll poet has been entertaining readers coast-to-coast for years and having him on staff is absolutely wonderful.


Historical fiction comes naturally, especially when you’re channeling Wyatt Earp himself. The Quarterly is honored to have our very own Creative Medium on staff here at the Gaslamp.


The Quarterly’s local culture expert takes readers into the diverse population of this unique city expanding palates and minds for all of the unique flavors and groups that call this city home.

The San Diego Bike Coalition

Biking in this town is *kind of* a big deal. Thankfully the Gaslamp Quarterly is ecstatic to announce a partnership with the San Diego Bike Coalition who will be covering all of the local biking events and know-how each and every issue.

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